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Our Materials

Unlike other pageant jewelry on the market, our pieces are made not only with Austrian crystal, but also with any high-quality material that has been seen in the most recent prestigious "Miss" competitions. This is because, depending on the system and the rest of the outfit, a crystal earring is not always the best choice, and it is most important to choose materials that will complete YOUR perfect look, whatever they might be! 

The description next to each of our jewelry pieces says exactly which materials were used in the making of the item. If you have any questions regarding materials used in a particular item, or if you find a design you like but you would prefer different colors or materials, we welcome your emails at GemsofTeal@gmail.com.

 Custom Designs 

If you see something you like but it isn't quite right, or if you want something completely unique, please contact GemsofTeal@Gmail.com and we will be happy to make arrangements for your special piece! We can make anything from dainty, refined pieces to excessively grandiose items, and would love to do so for you! Custom, one-of-a-kind designs, and jewelry pieces made to match an existing item are our specialty. 

Please note that a down-payment must be charged to begin work on any custom piece, and that payment varies based on the estimated price of the piece. This down payment is used to purchase any additional materials needed for your custom jewelry, and IS included in the price you see on the page. We aim to keep prices low for you!

Shipment Information

All items purchased from Gems of Teal will have a small postage and handling fee added to the item. For shipment information pertaining directly to your purchase and location, please contact GemsOfTeal@Gmail.Com. For occasional shipment and pricing specials from Gems of Teal, please "like" our Facebook fan page, and let us know via email when you would like to take advantage of the offer. 

All items arrive wrapped in beautiful packaging that is suitable for gift-giving, and are shipped to you in secure, plush postal packaging. However, should you have a problem with your item upon its arrival, please email us, including photos and a written description of the problem, and we will do our best to accommodate you. (Please note that all exchanges and remakes are subject to the discretion of Gems of Teal.)

We ship to almost every country in the world. Please note that, although items usually take about two weeks to arrive, they may take up to four or six weeks to arrive, based on your location around the globe. If time is an issue, please let us know, including your need-in-hand-by date, and we will discuss additional shipping charges at that time. 

Keep in Touch 

Email: GemsofTeal@gmail.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/GemsofTeal

Twitter: @GemsofTeal

For More Information

For any additional photos, dimensions, and information on the materials used, or to request a custom piece or ask for styling advice, please contact GemsofTeal@Gmail.com . 


By browsing our website, you agree to abide by any and all GemsofTeal© terms and conditions.

All GemsofTeal© content, including pictures, descriptions, names, and all other materials are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced without explicit permission from GemsofTeal©.

All jewelry designs in general--and the Swirl© and Chandelearring© designs and names specifically--are copyrighted by GemsofTeal© and may NOT be reproduced or copied. We will take legal action where appropriate to protect our artistic & intellectual property.

Who We Are

We are experienced former national titleholders, professional onstage performers, and all-around glamorous people. We know exactly what you need, because we have needed it, too!

The Gems of Teal© pageant jewelry collection aims to provide performers and pageant competitors in all age divisions and type of competition with a variety of choices when it comes to selecting a pageant earring. Whether you are looking for a more unique, less expensive, or more streamlined pageant earring, we are here for you! We recognize that you do not have to have the largest bon-bons on your ears on that stage to win, though we also love and appreciate the extravagance of a larger piece of jewelry.

Why Gems of Teal? 

We at Gems of Teal understand that you have to be very picky when it comes to your competition, show, and special event jewelry, specifically because we have been there ourselves. This is  our strong point. Whereas most pageant jewelry on the market ranges from $80 for a cheap Chinese knockoff to literally hundreds of dollars for one custom-designed pageant earring set, Gems of Teal recognizes that you would rather spend some of that hard-earned money on a fabulous gown, or even interview coaching. Jewelry is important, but it is also more of an afterthought. With this in mind, we keep our costs low, so that you can afford a custom earring, without having to sell the new dress that the earrings are supposed to match! 

Additionally, whereas most special event or performance jewelry is, again, made in Chinese factories, and designed to fall apart quickly (or even onstage--how dangerous!), our high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that you will be able to enjoy and utilize your pieces for many years to come. 

Free Wardrobe Consultation

Gems of Teal provides a complimentary jewelry consultation to every prospective customer, regardless of whether or not that customer ultimately purchases a Gems of Teal item. Additionally, our experienced team will give a free overall wardrobe, makeup, and hair consultation, with event, style, budget, and body type in mind, to anyone who purchases one or more Gems of Teal items for a competition, event, or special occasion.

GemsofTeal© For Any Event

Gems of Teal's pre-made earring collections are divided based on what will generally work for onstage pageant competition and what is best left for offstage competition segments, pageant events/appearances, or even everyday life. This is based on what is seen on the most prestigious national and international "Miss" competition stages today. Many of the Gems of Teal© collection are designed so that they may be worn on or off the stage, depending on your system. Also remember that the most important thing is NOT what the earring was intended for, but YOUR sense of style and how you incorporate each item into your outfit!

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